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  • Keeping track of your climbing accomplishments can dramatically improve your motivation, and technical skill level.
  • Engaging with an inspired community of climbers can help you make real gains towards your personal goals.

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  • Record your climbing, whether you are bouldering in any gym or ice climbing anywhere around the world!
  • MyClimb allows you to log climbs in six different forms of climbing disciplines right now – Gym Bouldering, Gym Routes, Outdoor Bouldering, Sport Climbing, Traditional Climbing, and Ice Climbing!

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  • Over 1 Million climbs have been logged in 99 countries around the world! You can see these climbs and climbers on the app!
  • Over 3,000 gyms have climbs logged.
  • Over 4,000 outdoor climbing areas have climbs logged.
  • Get inspired by what people are climbing around the globe.

Follow Workout Plans and Challenges

  • Put on your favorite climbing shoes and give our MyClimb Challenges a go!
  • Follow workout plans and challenges to get over plateaus in your climbing!
  • Stay motivated by setting goals!
  • Sign up for personal challenges of 50 / 100 / 200 or 500 routes in one month!
  • Build your endurance and set your sights high!

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  • Stay motivated by seeing your progress!
  • Check out your personal statistics on the app: the routes you Onsight, Redpoint, or your projects.
  • Visually see how your climbing is improving!

Share with Friends!

  • Stay in touch with climbing friends by following your ‘Friends’ posts!
  • Encourage and challenge each other with comments, photos and plans!

Find Climbing Partners

  • Finding new climbing partners is a breeze with the MyClimb app!
  • Find new partners to climb with at any gym or outdoor climbing location!
  • Choose your place and time on our app partner finder. 

Discover Climbing Areas Worldwide!

  • Right away on the app, climbers can see photos and climbs logged from all across the globe! Australia, Scotland, South America, you name it, motivated climbers are logging in their achievements. Join the fun and add your mark on the map!
  • Check out our app ‘Location’ page and follow new areas where you might want to go climbing.
  • Check out our MyClimb Website ‘Gym Spotlights’ to discover exciting gyms in places you might travel to, and enjoy!
  • Climbers who are traveling, or just waiting for better weather outside, will enjoy our Gym Spotlights; informative, visual guides to different climbing gyms across the globe!