“Well I broke down and finally, agreed to try a different climbing shoe. I have always been a faithful FiveTen Mythos fan, and I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the new Butora climbing shoe, the ‘Endeavor’.

The Butora company makes the Endeavor shoe in a men’s wide and a men’s narrow, as well as a woman’s wide and a women’s regular. The store at the climbing gym only carried Butora’s men’s wide and a women’s regular. I am a woman with wide feet, soooo…I bought the ‘men’s wide’ version of the Endeavor for $98 to try out.

I tried the ‘women’s regular’ and found it uncomfortable and too high in the heel at the back, hurting my achilles when I pointed my toe even little. The ‘men’s wide’ turned out to fit much better, so I bought that. As my testing went on the following week, I grew to love this shoe! The little extra stiffness in the shoe was a blessing. I have been climbing now for over 25 years, and at least 15 of those years in Mythos, my feet are a little less forgiving than they used to be. My husband, Lou Renner, has been advising me for a few years now, to try a bit stiffer shoe to save my feet. I couldn’t find Anything that fit! Every new shoe I tried on hurt somewhere.

Hello Butora Endeavor!

Testing the shoe, I climbed a few boulder problems with one foot in a Mythos, and one foot in the Endeavor. This was interesting and gave me good feedback. Then, I tested the Endeavor shoes on different types of bouldering and traditional rock at Stoney Point and Joshua Tree, both in California.

The Butora Endeavor shoe edges great. On friction moves, the Endeavor held it’s own there too. I felt that the ‘sticky’ rubber on the Endeavor shoe made up for the stiffness. I liked the small amount of extra stiffness because it shielded my foot from fatigue and pain.

I will be pulling these shoes out of my backpack often as my climbing days continue!
I would highly recommend it for any all-around climber!

FYI: Make sure you get to try the narrow, or regular vs. wide to fit your foot well. I normally wear US Size 7 wider Saucony women’s running shoe, and european, size 37.5 (Mythos). I bought size 8, ‘men’s wide’ in the Butora Endeavor shoe.

Maggie Renner Hellmann – My point of View: 
I have been climbing for over 25 years. I used to guide in my 30’s and 40’s. I climb all types of disciplines: traditional rock, bouldering, sport climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, mountaineering, gym bouldering and gym routes.

My most favorite kind of climbing is long, moderate, multi-pitch traditional rock routes in the beautiful outdoors.
I am an artist, as well as climber, who is passionate about nature. I don’t want to take my shoes off every pitch. I wear a thin sock in all my rock climbing shoes for skin comfort and a cleaner shoe/foot. I climb for enjoyment.”

Butora’s Endeavor – A few Technical specs:
The front of the shoe is constructed from a special synthetic micro fiber to help maintain its original shape and the back half of the shoe is made from natural leather for breathability and comfort. Fully lined with 100% organic hemp fabric to minimize stretch and foot odor.

Moisture-wicking, split-leather footbed for comfort and a custom fit for your toes.

3D, injection-molded, full length polyurethane midsole for torsion rigidity and precision edging.

Super sticky, 100% butyl Butora rubber sole ‘NEO Fuse rubber’.

For more info: http://butorausa.com/endeavor-moss-wide/