Volume: 22.1 cu. in.
Weight: 770 g.
Color: turquoise-granite 3427
Material: Ripstop 210 / Microrip-Nylon
Compatible with a small hydration bag inside
Technique extreme in Chamonix 2018 price: 69 Euros

(Deuter lists this pack under their kids section on their website, it is an excellent, alpine climbing, ‘fast and light’ day pack for smaller women as well.)

I LOVE this backpack! Trust me, it’s the perfect women’s lightweight, climbing backpack.

I am 5’6’’ tall, with a fairly petite upper body. My preference is to climb multi-pitch traditional rock, alpine rock and ice climbs.

Most packs sold are either: too wide for my chest, or have no hip belt, or too big a hip belt. Many packs are designed too tall, and either, cover the gear loops of my harness or hit my helmet in the back when I look up while climbing.

The Deuter, “Climber’ pack is the perfect size for women, like me, who enjoy single-day hikes, ski-touring, traditional rock climbing, sport climbing, alpine climbing and ice climbing adventures – fast and light.

It has all the climbing options I want, most important, a small hip belt that keeps most of the weight off my shoulders and I can still reach gear on my harness. Perfect for climbing and approaches in the French Alps and other single day, alpine environments.

After 25 years of climbing in the Alps, I know the approaches to climbs can be long, but gorgeous. So I’m thrilled to add this pack to my climbing gear. I might even start to climb like an Ibex one day!

Having the small hip belt is essential for me.

My shoulders tire easily from old injuries and this feature allows most of the weight to sit on my hips while hiking on approaches.

Also important, this hip belt is small enough to allow access to my climbing harness and my rock gear when I wear it during a climb.

The Deuter alpine “Climber” 22 cu. in. pack can fit my shoes, harness, chalk bag, helmet, rain jacket, fleece sweater, hat, gloves, and small amount of gear along with my lunch and water. Any more room inside, and I know I’d fill it to be too heavy or too tall!

This pack is compatible with a small hydration bag, and includes a slit for a drinking tube, and velcro attachment for positioning on the shoulder strap. I personally like to carry an additional, separate water bottle for mixed electrolyte drinks in the outside webbed pocket while hiking on the approach.

The chest strap can adjust short enough to work well for me. So many packs are built for men or wider women and the chest strap is too long to be useful, a big problem for smaller built women.

The shoulder straps are spaced widely enough apart at the back of the neck, so as not to pinch my neck and also allow for easy movement of my shoulders and arms. Both essentials. The Deuter pack scores well again on an often overlooked issue, the ability to look up while climbing and not have your helmet hit the pack in back. That can be annoying.

Another important feature of the shoulder strap design is ‘where’ the buckle that connects the shoulder strap to the lower pack strap sits on my body. If this buckle is too low it rubs on my inner bicep when I wear short sleeves! Ouch!

This buckle on the Deuter pack is placed high enough to prevent that issue, it doesn’t touch my inner arm!

This pack is very versatile. I can attach my two ice axes for ice climbing come winter time in the White mountains of New Hampshire, USA.  This feature was also a bonus for some summer alpine climbs in the French Alps that had steep ice and snow on the approach and descent. I attached my ice axe on the outside of the pack for hiking in, and removed it for use during the approach over steep snow and ice, to and from the Classic, ‘Index Pinnacle’ climb. This year it had lots of snow on the approach! At the base of the climb, I reattached the ice axe and loaded my mountaineering boots inside, enjoying my regular rock shoes for this classic alpine, multi-pitch, trad rock climb! Perfect!

Multiple tightening straps keep the pack snug and easy to balance.

I do like the inside and outside pockets in the lid for easy and secure access to my cash, keys and lunch.

There are two outside mesh pockets for water bottles on each side too, which I use and they don’t get in the way if left empty.

I can also use these mesh pockets for drying out damp socks or easy access to get apple, bars or drinks.

The inside back pocket is handy too for more food, hat or crack gloves, ect.

The blue-turquoise color is a beautiful choice as well, appeals to my artistic side!

What gorgeous places I get to go with this pack helping me to comfortably navigate! I’m delighted with it!

Possible Wish list:

1. Minor deal, but I do sometimes wish the chest strap could move a bit lower down on the shoulder straps. It is limited in how far down it will slide. This might not be possible, however, without causing that strap adjustment buckle to be moved lower and rub under my arm?

2. Two dedicated, easy to release, ice axe holders on back would be a perfect upgrade.