Gym Address: 2141 Mary Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

  • Brief history/highlights:

In 2011, Alex, Paul, and Aaron took their climbing partnerships to the next level by joining forces to build a new climbing gym in Pittsburgh, PA. At the time, picking suitable careers was proving to be difficult and we all recognized the need for someone to take Pittsburgh’s climbing scene to the next level. And just like that, the concept of ASCEND was born. To us, it was a perfect union worth devoting our lives to. Over the years, we gradually learned how to turn our aspirations into a functioning project capable of being integrated into the local business environment. While our initial vision has morphed, we’ve never strayed from our ultimate goal of staying closely connected to the climbing community and help improve upon the foundation our predecessors so graciously provided.

  • Gym Description: ASCEND Pittsburgh is a bouldering-centric, indoor rock climbing gym with over 10,000 sq. feet of Walltopia-built climbing walls surrounded by Flashed flooring, all housed within a 27,000 sq. foot, second floor space in Pittsburgh’s Southside. Beyond bouldering, ASCEND offers roped climbing on a 24-foot-tall wall featuring 20 climbing stations with a mix of auto-belays and top-ropes. Cross-training is also a big part of ASCEND, so be sure to explore climbing-specific training and fitness equipment or drop in on one of our yoga or fitness classes. In addition to climbing, fitness, and yoga, visitors can also enjoy use of child watch services, concessions, locker rooms with showers, and numerous spaces to relax, study, or work. To get a better understanding of the space, please take a 360 tour or visit our YouTube channel.
  • Why we love ASCEND? What’s not to love! Two years in, we’re still thrilled with our simple and functional Walltopia walls and cordura Flashed flooring. Our community continues to impress us and grow stronger, alongside our unique programs and events, including ASCEND Yoga and ASCEND Fitness. Still though, the single best part of ASCEND South Side has to be the panoramic view of Pittsburgh.