Gym Address: Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) in São Carlos,  São Paulo, Brasil

What is a brief history of your gym?
The height of your tallest walls  Our tallest wall has 21 meters long from where climbers can see all the University and some parts of the city of São Carlos.

The number of routes or problems your gym offers We have about 50 routes marked on all walls. We offer some special training events were new problems are developed based on peoples needs.

A brief history of our gym:
CUME or University Center for Mountaineering and Hiking is a non-profit association created in 1991 that aims to expand the practice of outdoor activities in São Carlos and region. With the installation of climbing rocks on the walls and the supply reservoirs located in the northern area of the UFSCar campus, CUME uses this space for climbing training, as well as being the main meeting place and development of group activities. We have an agrément with UFSCar to execute climbing monitoring, academic, and sports events, develop skills and training in mountaineering and hiking techniques;

Description of our gym:
We are not a commercial gym, we are a group of climbing lovers who give their time and effort to help more people know and enjoy this wonder-wall world. Our climbing walls are based on an octagonal 21 meters high water tower made of concrete which has 4 faces (3mx21m) 90º vertically for top-rope climbing, each face has its singularities. We have the easiest one called “Normal”, perfect for beginners with very nice and tasty climbing holds, the “Roundish” face has a lot of rounded and annoying climbing holds, and another two faces with not-so-friendly climbing holds, the one which has fewer holds is called “Abstract” for obvious reasons.  The bouldering area is located on 2 small reservoirs also octagonal about 3 and 5 meters high and 70 meters of extension. The singularity of these boulders is that they are made of real rocks of all geological types and shapes.

Highlights of our gym:
What makes it, and your community, special? We offer free weekly climbing monitoring to the community with the goal of spreading the sport to new practitioners, as well as creating a training environment for climbing for the more experienced. We offer all the necessary equipment for free and guidance for climbing safely. On our gym it is possible to practice 24/7 climbing in top-rope, Boulder and guided climbing, the latter being only allowed for our associated members.

Other things you might want to know:
Our climbers are always searching for places nearby to climb and open new routes or climbing spots. Come visit us!

What we love most about your gym:
Our gym is open in all ways, open air, open for everyone every day and hour. It’s made by climbers and friends for all people with no discrimination.  What is your gym’s philosophy? Our philosophy is to encourage and to gather people interested in promoting all kinds of outdoor activities. Climbing is our current main front but in our history, we have already acted in mountain bike, mountain races, hiking, cascading and even speleology.  Sports are good for body and mind!