Gym Address: 8218 Casa Verde Rd Ste 8 Laredo, Texas, U.S.A. 78045

What do you love most about your gym?
We are more than just a gym we connect with people and we have become their second home.

What is your gym’s philosophy?
Trust, Love & Commitment

How would you describe your gym?
Unique and inviting with both climbing and fitness with an outstanding and friendly staff.

What is your gym’s approach to route setting?
Routes are inviting and geared towards a new climbing community.

How does it feel to be the first indoor rock climbing gym in your community?
It is amazing to bring indoor rock climbing to Laredo, TX which is situated right on the border of Mexico.  We happen to be the next stop in between Potrero Chico, near Monterrey, MX and Austin, TX.  It helps our climbers prepare for the next step in climbing which is to take it out doors and conquer Potrero Chico.