Gym Address:
1754 Ogwood St
Louisville, CO 80027

What do you love most about your gym? 
EVO Rock + Fitness has soul. Period. The best thing about our gym is the inclusive vibe. Everyone feels welcome here regardless of age, race, gender, or ability. We serve climbers of all skill levels from the very beginner to the most elite climbers in the world.

What is your gym’s philosophy?
Our mission is simple:

To build upon, strengthen and evolve with climbers and the climbing community.

We do this by empowering people and strengthening communities through climbing. We build climbers, not just participants.

How would you describe your gym?
Welcoming. Beautiful. Fun. Inspiring.

What is your gym’s approach to route setting?
We set routes for all ages, sizes, and abilities. Our routes are thought-provoking and offer a wide variety of movement utilizing the most modern holds and volumes on the market.

Gym Website: