Narangba, Australia

Gym Address: Unit 8/1 Business Drive Narangba 4504, Qld Australia

A brief history of our gym:
Exodus Adventures Indoor Rock Climbing Gym opened in the beginning of 2018 as a growth of the company that was operating outdoor adventure tours and activities. There was a large gap in the area covered by climbing gyms, so we opened in a fast growing region of the city.

Description of our gym:
Our gym is a fun climbing gym, with a lot of climbs set up that are a fun climb, especially for kids and those who haven’t been to a climbing centre before. We are still a smaller sized gym in space, but have a lot here that keeps it a fun place to have a climb. We have climbs to climb up a chimney or to scale up doors to reach a toilet sitting on top of a pipe right near the front. Also we have our more serious climbs for the members and a few overhangs too. We try to make it something for everyone from novices to those more engaged in the sport.

What we love most about our gym:
Seeing the look of those who come in here and have to have a photo sitting up on the toilet after they have climbed up to it. It’s a real laugh, and puts a smile on so many faces. Especially for the young kids that are bewildered by it, then just have to go up and have a sit on it. Makes their day when they tell all their friends about it, or their friends are the ones in here encouraging them to get all the way up so they can have a seat.


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