Almere, Netherlands

Gym Address: Bongerdstraat 6, 1326 AB, Almere, The Netherlands

A a brief history of our gym:
On may 13th 2019 we are open for 2 years. So it is almost time for a party! In December 2016 we started building the gym. We had lots of family, friends and future members helping and working hard to open the gym. Since the start of the gym it really felt like a big family who put Impact boulderhal together.

Description of our gym:
We made a lot of the bar out of wood. That makes our gym feel like a mountain cabin or some even say apres ski hut, haha. We really wanted to keep the outdoor feeling inside. That is why we also made sure you can top out your boulders and the walls have different heights. The bright colors of the wall add an extra warm feeling. It is definitely not the biggest gym in the Netherlands but it is cosy and efficiently organized.

What we love most about our gym?
There is a large group of people that you can climb with and who make you feel comfortable. There is always someone who will help you with your boulder problem. Almere wasn’t a climbing city, but with the start of our gym a lot of people met bouldering and began to enjoy it. No that has grown to a really friendly community. Also a lot of kids are enjoying the lessons at the gym, which is really cool to see and something we never expected to grow that big.

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Social media: @impactboulderhal