Long Beach, California, U.S.A.

Gym Address: 205 East Anaheim St., Long Beach, CA 90813

Brief history of the gym, description and what i love all in one:
Who hasn’t thought of owning their own gym? We decided to take this dream seriously in May 2017. We founded Long Beach Rising and settled on the Packard building in Feb 2018. The idea was simple, design a climbing gym for climbers by climbers while providing quality amenities to satisfy as many people as we could. The only difference with our approach that i can think of is that I’m not the only climber. My architect & designer is a 20 yr climber. My lighting designer is a climber. We had climbers work on as many aspects of this gym as possible bringing together our collective experience of climbing gyms and what we wish they could be.

I feel like everything has a theme of 2 steps forward 1 step back. We hoped to design a gym that would influence future designs. It sounds grandiose, but we wanted to make an impact. What’s the point otherwise?

I hope we deliver something worthy of the ambition. Personally my favorite part is walking in the front doors and being greeted with a row of colonnades.
What gym has colonnades!?

Gyms Website:  www.longbeachrising.com

Social Media Handle: @long_beach_rising