Roanoke, Virginia, U.S.A.

Gym Address: 806 Wasena AVE SW, Roanoke, VA, U.S.A. 24015

What do you love most about your gym?
We would estimate that 80% of customers that come into our facility are new to the sport of rock climbing.  Totally new experience for them.  We focus heavily on customer service and give every person new to our facility a complete orientation and help them get up to speed with how to climb and what indoor climbing is all about.  We also pride ourself on being a friendly and welcoming environment and really try to foster that.

What is your gym’s philosophy?
We have been voted Best Climbing Gym in the Blue Ridge four years running, the River Rock aims to be the hub of the Roanoke region’s climbing community by providing incredible climbing, instruction, and service to complete beginners and seasoned experts alike.  We are also a family friendly gym that focuses on supporting our community.

How would you describe your gym?
Just right!  For our size we really pack it in.  We offer roped and bouldering areas, fitness classes and weight area, yoga studio, community room and party space rentals, a lot of beginner to intermediate classes, and advanced instruction that leads to gym to crag experiences utilizing a local AMGA certified guide.

What is your gym’s approach to route setting?
We primarily farm our routsetters from staff and members of the facility, unless we have someone move to our town that has experience – but, that hasn’t happened often in our five years of business.  We try to be very organized with our sets.  We adjust our bell curve of difficulty per area based on the fluctuating ability of our members.  Setters are given varying styles, grades of routes, and specific wall feature areas per set, as to not have multiple types of similar routes go up at one time.  We aim to ensure that all ability grades are fairly represented on the ‘cool’ or signature features of the gym for all levels of climbers to enjoy.