Gym Address:
400 Bridge Street, New Cumberland, PA 17070 -USA

What do you love most about your gym?
Without a doubt our favorite part of the gym is our roof climbs. We designed the gym to be reminiscent of a large cavern or old mine you might find outdoors. You really have to walk into “The Cave” to get the full picture.

What is your gym’s philosophy?
We have a very laid back ideology at The Cave. While balancing kid friendly and adult oriented climbing can be difficult, we strive to create a fun non-competitive place where everyone can enjoy climbing.

How would you describe your gym?
Our gym is a great mix of beginner climbs with challenging climbs throughout. We have walls of all different angles including the classic 45 and a Slab. The variety of walls and roofs allow for a really diverse set of problems throughout the gym.

What is your gym’s approach to route setting?
We have a great team of setters who’s styles really complement each other. Before we strip a wall most of the team already has an idea in their mind. As far as grading goes, we tend to rate on a more “Indoor” scale rather than compared to an outdoor climb.

How often do you reset the walls at your gym?
We do a wall reset each week, and are constantly adding new problems until the next reset. Our setters have a set number of problems required for each wall, but they are free to add as they see fit. In general they have a good eye when in comes to not overcrowding a wall. We give them a lot of flexibility, which tends to create the most creative problems.  

What is your favorite problem currently set in the gym?
Right now the favorite is a V8 called “You can’t handle the chalk” on our 45 wall set by our guest setters from Happy Cat Climbing. It makes full use of the wall and includes two So Ill innies volumes which are amazing. It feels like a world cup boulder problem which is why a lot of people are drawn to it.

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