Gym Address: 220 Smokey St., Fort Collins, CO 80525

What is a brief history of your gym?
The Whetstone idea, Mission, and Values is rooted in the experiences and climbing career of our owner and founder, Darrell Gschwendtner. Whetstone’s mission; To foster Climbing, Connecting, and Community are what motivate us to offer the best product and service possible. 

What’s behind the name Whetstone?
The name, Whetstone, is multifaceted. Not only is Whetstone a mountain outside of Crested Butte, Colorado, but a Whetstone is also what you use to sharpen a knife. We hope our members and guests sharpen and hone their skills here to take them on to bigger adventures in the mountains, and in life.

Description of your gym?
Whetstone is the largest climbing and fitness facility (27,000sqft) in Northern Colorado, having recently opened January 28th of 2019. The space is a former hockey arena and was an ideal candidate for a climbing gym as there were no support beams throughout the space. This dramatically helps with the overall aesthetics, clear lines of sight, and open and airy feel. We have a full fitness facility, yoga studio, bar/café serving free coffee to members and guest before 9am, and beer and wine in the afternoon/evening and soon-to-be, a food menu.

What do you love most about your gym?
Personally, I love our staff. I think our members and guest would say they love the setting, staff, and overall layout of the space. Then again our members might say the beer. Nothing goes better after a day of climbing inside or out, than socializing with the community in a space that was built for climbing, connecting, and community.