Member Interviews

MyClimber Interview with Tim Cottee

Age: 48 - Country: U.K. Q: What are your climbing goals?  In my youth I climbed a lot and then had a period of maybe 10 – 15 years where it wasn’t such a big thing in my life. At that time I was leading up to HVS / E1 and the hardest route I did was an E1/5c. I would...

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MyClimber Interview with Stas Yurkevich

Age: 48 -Country: U.S.A. Q: What are your climbing goals? Have safe fun. See new places Q: Most memorable climbing experience? Nose in a day with Hans Florine Mont Blanc Q: What do you like most about MyClimb? Keeps logs of my climbs. Q: What do you enjoy most about...

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