Here at MyClimb, we understand how important it can be to log and record climbs. Logging can improve motivation, reduce injury, and record personal levels of achievement.

Keeping a long-term climbing log, also allows a climber to realistically evaluate their ascents and failures which will facilitate a higher rate of success.

For example: If you aspire to climb your first 5.10a, you should first build a foundation of endurance and technical skill on lower level climbs. With a strong intent to improve footwork and proper movement,  a climber is less likely to injure a shoulder, elbow, or tendon.

If your goal is to lead your first 5.10a, you might start by logging a series of top-rope routes at this level. Once your log shows that you can top-rope 5.10a with a reasonable rate of success, you’ll want to progress on to leading sport routes or well-protected trad routes at or near a 5.10a level. This method of advancement allows you will build the confidence necessary to climb solidly towards your goal. Without keeping a log, success and failure becomes random.  This can easily lead to frustration, which quickly stunts progression in climbing.

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Written by: Lou Renner, International Mountain & Climbing Guide and Contributing MyClimb Writer