August 1st, 2017 – Team: MyClimb members!

Goal: We each set our own goals!

Fifteen climbers have signed up to join our three-month Fall Challenge. Five women and ten men. The task is for each climber to set up their own goal or series of goals and then to see if they can reach them by the end of October.
I proposed the Challenge on the MyClimb App in late July. The climbers who chose to accept the challenge are listing their goals and posting their updates on the Facebook Page – ‘MyClimb Fall Project Challenge 2017’.

On August 1st, the climbers began. Each made an evaluation and shared their injury and health concerns. If we are to reach our peak, it is important to start out rested, hydrated and fueled with healthy food. We each broke down the demands of our proposed goals based on a program, ‘The Five Levels of Goal Setting’. Each climber then matched their goal to the Level 1 through 5 program. A great variety of goals, lessons and inspirations!

Each Monday, the climbers will post a short weekly update on their progress. Climbers are already working as a team and through accumulative experience, are offering encouragement and advice to help each other reach their climbing goals.

Our MyClimbers:
Holly Vesco
Iggi Moore
Cliff Torrijos
Maggie Renner Hellmann
Chris Jones
Gregg Ludvigson
Bill Brooks
Lorena Michel
David King
Matthew Johns
AJ Elliston
Dave Clark
Jennifer Silvius Clark
Sophie Lattes
Lou Renner

Check out and follow our special Facebook Page – ‘MyClimb Fall Project Challenge 2017’, and watch for updates. If all goes as planned, each of the climbers listed above will be attempting goals that will help inspire us all to reach new heights.

Win, summit, or crash and burn,
… the real challenge is to dream Big!