Age: 32
Country: Basque

Q: What are your climbing goals?
Enjoy time with my friends and move beyond myself with every climb.

Q: Most memorable climbing experience?
The climb that satisfied me the most is ‘midi d ossau’. The night before, we arrived with all the gear at the mountain to bivouac near the wall. The next day, we woke up early and with first light we went to the wall. It is a trad climb that is 635m and grade V.  It is a huge wall on which is difficult to find the way and follow the path.  We started where we thought it was and we were wrong. We were about 400m up looking for the line, without stopping the climb and we were finding things that had earlier been lost (abandoned) cordate (a reverse, a fisurero, some very long tape …) luckily my friend Manu has enough experience and he climbed some dihedral harder than it seemed. At the end, we managed to identify the last pitches from a little below and got to straighten the line to the finish. By the time we got to the top  there was 1 hour of light left, and we started down toward the normal way (includes three rappels). It was night when we had finished the first 2 rappels, and when we reached the third could not find the anchor for the rappelling. But Manu was there to reassure and put a piton in the rock to rappel from and we managed to get down. We still had 3 hours to the car but the climb we had done made us feel euphoric.

Q: What do you like most about MyClimb?
I like the app because I can follow my evolution and I can keep track of all the climbs I do, but what I like most is to see photos of climbing areas anywhere in the world.

Q: What do you enjoy most about climbing?
It’s a good way to disconnect from the world and feel nature differently. I love discovering new places and I think that the spirit of the climbers is wonderful, I have made ​​good friends along the way… I would highlight the bond that is created with your climbing partner.

Q: How did you start climbing?
A good friend (Diego) suggested we go to the climbing wall and from the first moment I knew I was starting a new hobby. (Have to see us that first day hahaha)

Q: Favorite Climbing Discipline?
In Winter alpinism and in summer tradicional multi pitch climb.

Q: Favorite Place to climb or destination? 
“Mallos de Riglos”