Age: 21 – Country: Canada

Q: What are your climbing goals?
Recently, I’ve been trying to work on improving my technique on overhanging routes which I’ve always found pretty challenging. Long-term my hope is to get some trad climbing in with my brother who also climbs. Maybe we’ll make a trip out of it – I’ve got some friends who are doing a road trip across the U.S and Canada climbing wherever they stop which to me would be my ideal way to experience the West Coast when I eventually make it out there.

Q: Most Memorable Climbing Experience?
My most memorable climbing experience was probably the second time I went ice climbing. About 10 of us went up for a day of climbing at Montagne-D’Argent near Mont Tremblant in Quebec. We’d constantly been fighting for good weekends to get out given a pretty mild winter, so when the temperature dropped we jumped at the opportunity to climb some ice. There was a huge amount of ice in which let us set up a half-dozen routes between our group and a couple other groups. This sharing of routes was really nice and probably what I enjoy most about the sport – the friendliness and eagerness just to get outside and enjoy good crags. We managed to get a good 7 hours or so of climbing in getting back into Montréal after dark and exhausted.

Q: What do you like about MyClimb?
I really like how MyClimb allows me to track when and how I’m progressing with my climbing. When I see that I’ve been sitting on a climbing grade for a while I can see that maybe it’s time to push myself more to more challenging routes. Recently, I’ve started sharing more pictures of interesting places I’ve been climbing (mostly gyms in Toronto and Montréal) – I think it’s really cool how creative some places are getting with reusing old spaces for climbing gyms whether it’s grain silos at Allez Up in Montréal or a movie theatre at Basecamp in Toronto.

Q: What do you enjoy most about climbing?
What I enjoy most about climbing is the sense of community and the ability to get outside whatever the weather. I think climbers really are a unique breed of individuals who are pretty easy-going and open to each other. Whenever I climb it’s never a competition to see who’s best, it’s an opportunity to hangout, have some fun, and be physically active. And when it happens outside in interesting places, that’s just a bonus.

Q: Most memorable climbing experience?
In my first year of climbing, I did a lot of bouldering because my friend who got me into climbing mostly bouldered and her friends mostly bouldered too. I had  been wanting to get into climbing for a while but never really looked into it super seriously until my friend suggested I come try out this gym (Allez Up) she went to that was built around 4 old grain elevators. I really fell in love with the sport and specifically Allez Up for its super high walls and welcoming community. It’s a lot of fun to chat with climbers of all ages and experiences, sometimes in french too! Eventually I found a partner to climb routes with so I saw a lot of improvement when climbing with someone who wanted to climb routes around the same grade as me.

Q: Favorite climbing discipline?
My favourite climbing discipline is probably ice climbing. I don’t get to do it as much as I like but when I do it’s great to get out in the snow and enjoy the Canadian winter instead of just climbing in gyms over the winter. There’s something very therapeutic about swinging ice axes into a solid sheet of ice.