Age: 35
Country: Poland

Q: How did you start climbing?
I don’t remember exactly. Just one day me and my friend started going on the climbing gym. After 6 years break, I decided that it is time to start again, and again with the same friend. Now I’m much more involved into climbing.

Q: What is your Favorite Discipline?
Gym Climbing

Q: What are your goals?
To Climb 7a 🙂 (5.11d)

Q: What is your Biggest climbing influence / teacher?
My private instructor Ola Stanczak.

Q: What do you like most about climbing?
My mind is concentrated only on climbing, nothing else, so I can take good rest after hard psychological work with refugees.

Q: Favorite place to climb?
Well I climb only in gyms, I climbed outside only twice in my life, so my favourite gym here in Warsaw is Makak – the highest one 🙂

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