Age: 37 and Strong!
Country, State, City:
U.S.A. Boston, MA
Years Climbing: 8 years

Country: I am originally from Turkey and I moved to Boston 18 years ago for college.

Work: I am a freelance photographer specializing in food and product photography.

Q: How did you start climbing?
My friends took me to local climbing gym (Metro Rock) in Boston and I am hooked since then.

Q: Climbing Background / Favorite Discipline
My favorite disciplines are Bouldring and Sport climbing.

Q: What are your goals?
Find a good lead partner and sport climb more outside.
Rock climbing trip to Yosemite.
Finishing V9.

Q: Is there a specific climb or area that helped you develop as a climber?
Definetly bouldering helped me a lot to become a better and stronger rock climber.

Q: Biggest climbing influence / teacher?
Biggest climbing influence for me is all the V7+ climbers around my area.

Q: What do you like most about climbing?
I love the fact that rock climbing is a sport that you have to rely on both your body strength and your problem solving skills.
Also, I love the rock climbing community, I think we are the coolest people in the world

Q: Favorite place(s) to climb?
Rumney, NH
Lincon Woods, RI

Q: Favorite piece(s) of climbing gear (and why?)
All I need for bouldeing is my LaSportiva Pythons and my trusty Bison Chalk.