Age: 41
Country: Brisbane, Australia.
MyClimb username: David King

Q: What are your climbing goals?:
To climb consistently 20-40 routes of grade 16-25 each climbing session. To climb more powerfully on every style of climb using far less holds and doing large moves. To climb more efficiently, by using great technique and balance to be able to climb without getting pumped.
To climb everything faster which I find an adrenaline rush plus it is always fun.
To complete a Black overhang grade 25 or above  as my fingers become stronger. I like to look after my fingers as I only started climbing at 39 and I love climbing regularly.

Q: Most memorable climbing experience?:
From way back when I was around 21, a housemate and another friend and I, decided to embark on a crazy adventure and climb some of our iconic Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We decided to climb Mt Beerwah 1,824ft in the dark for a sunrise top, then head over to Mt Coonowrin (Crookneck) a 400ft high almost vertical rock face to free solo climb it without any ropes or protection. Leaving at 2am with only 3 hrs sleep we managed to climb the steep front face of Mt Beerwah and traverse around to climb around the back to the top. After we got down we drove over to Crookneck. Hiked to the base etc Looking up at the high face looming above us I thought it best to say a quick prayer before risking our lives. We managed to climb safely and consistently up the face traversing along little ledges until we made it to the top. No photos of our adventure sadly, 20 yrs ago we had not iPhones or GoPro cameras to easily show off our adventure to the rest of the world. But with the adrenaline rush and real fear of dying if you fell making me focus intently on the way down, (especially as you looked straight down and with the height and our precarious position it was more apparent), so I needed to overcome any fear and remain calm and climb on. This made it a memorable experience

Q: What do you like most about MyClimb?: 
Being able to log climbs / training to actually see how much climbing / training I am really doing, how I am improving and and having people all around the world be able to interact with my sessions and me theirs to encourage us to greater results. The MyClimb App is really easy to use.

Q: What do you enjoy most about climbing?:
I really enjoy the physical movement, being able to flow up the wall smoothly and quickly and the endorphin rush after continually flashing climbs. I like the physical challenge of climbing smarter and efficiently, but also faster and powerfully, to be able to crush many climbs in a session. The mental challenge of having to focus, and do problem solving on new climbs to onsight them, and to also work out better and faster ways to flash climbs. The social side of meeting up with many and varied climbing buddies, plus encouraging regular buddies to see improvements over time

Q: How did you start climbing?:
Had tried a couple of basic easy outdoor climbs, every 10 years from when I was 18, with 1-2 gym sessions. At 38 I did a few outdoor climbs, but the passion wasn’t ignited yet. Found a good indoor climbing place called Urban Climb. Became really interested in climbing aged 39. Started training and learnt a lot more about technique and was quickly climbing onsight grade 22, then a few months later onsighted my first grade 25 on top rope.

Q: Favorite Climbing Discipline:?
Really enjoy indoor overhanging sport route climbing. Top rope for overhangs on The Wavewall and The Prow at the Urban Climb gym helps with being able to focus on climbing super fast and powerfully. Plus I also enjoy lead climbing on indoor sports routes at Urban Climb gym on The Arch as it provides varied super steep climbing. Another gym where I enjoy indoor overhanging sport route climbing is The Rock Gym as it has a high ceiling which I found a challenge to work through.

Q: Favorite Place to climb or destination:?
The Wavewall and The Prow at Urban Climb gym provide long very steep overhanging sections which are my favourite places to climb as they are very challenging but also very accessible. I also enjoy the lead climbing routes at Urban Climb gym on The Arch as it provides varied super steep climbing. The route setters at Urban Climb are actually really great and they have set for many QLD State and also Australian Competitions. Last year the Australian Open Lead Climbing Titles were held at Urban Climb in Brisbane. So the routes are always really varied and challenging