Age: 40
Country: Villeneuve d’Ascq, France

Q: What are your climbing goals?
I do not practice in a club or with a coach, but rather leisure with friends. However, I like to push myself, out of my comfort zone, varied experiences, openings styles. I did my studies in sport (although I have not done my job), so I always aim high during my sessions. Increase my endurance, develop my technique, raise my level. I want to progress continuously, I do not like to stagnate although today the progress is slower.

Q: Most memorable climbing experience?
This will sound trivial but the best moments of climbing for me are the ones I can practice with friends and with my family. I have a wife and three children of one, five and seven years old. I initiated my children last year. The best moments are those we can share together with friends.
The best is of course to practice outdoors on natural cliffs or walls.

Q: What do you like most about MyClimb?
Before MyClimb, I kept a book on the progress of my sessions. My past in physical education probably. But I like to come back on my progress. Understand why I can not move, or why I regress. Rate my sessions allows me to compare you to see what I should do if I want to progress or understand why I can not. MyClimb allowed me to have so electronic and searchable easier. I also install the application on the phone to my wife. So I can also track her progress and advise. A chart to see the progression over time would also be a plus but being able to keep the information is already huge.

Q: What do you enjoy most about climbing?
What I like most about climbing is the escape. This is one of the few sports where you do not fight against someone or something. In team sports, it is fighting against another team, score as many points as possible. In individual sports duels, it is also putting more point than his opponent. For swimming, biking, running, generally you fight against time.

In climbing, you are fighting against yourself. For me it is a sport that provides great insight, a better understanding of oneself.

Q: How did you start climbing?
I had my first climbing experience when I was a child to 14-15 years.
Then I practiced a little to 20 years with a friend. But I live in a flat area and there are no naturals spots, artificial climbing halls were not widespread. I was two hours away every Thursday to practice a bit.
Today it’s different. There are in my area many rooms climbs. There is a little over two years, I met new people who practiced and who asked me to join them. I then needed a sport that allows me to me “clear my head” because of my job is very psychologically and mentally demanding.
Climbing was a liberation. I was practicing while running but the practice did not allow me to free my mind as does climbing.
Since I practice at least twice a week.

I initiated my wife there a little less than a year. But we do not practice all week but only on weekends when possible. With children we had to share the days of the week. My wife climbed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while I keep the children. I climbed on Tuesday and Thursday as my wife keeps kids. Where possible we are a family outing on Sunday.

Q: Favorite Climbing Discipline?
Personally I prefer climbing routes rather than bouldering. But I practice both disciplines. I like to vary the sensations. Multiply styles and vary the practices of places also allows me to better appreciate climbing. My training sessions are usually held in artificial ways of climbing room where I climb roping, sometimes head. When I feel I’m having more progress, I change room for one or two sessions and I plan one or two sessions of bouldering.

Q: Favorite Place to climb or destination?
Unfortunately my job does not allow me to date to have a lot of free time. So I have not much experience outside on natural sites. I have a climbing gym “What’s Up” to WAMBRECHIES – France, I practice constantly with a subscription. But I also occasionally practice in the other rooms of the sector. But I manage to find a good balance today and I get more and more to plan longer trips that enable me to have new experiences in natural sites. Although I prefer climbing routes, my first outdoor experience was bouldering in FONTAINEBLEAU. I loved this experience beyond what I could imagine. I’ve since done some natural sites in cliffs but whose heights are not exceptional (10-15 meters). I try to plan other outlets to be able to make longer climbing routes and not too far from home because of my job (two or three hours of road). I also enjoy the vacation to go through more remote natural sites.