Age: 30
Country: U.S.A.
Years Climbing: 2

How did you start climbing?
I’d been climbing a handful of times but it didn’t stick until July of 2013 — my yoga studio closed for a few days and I’d somehow accumulated a critical mass of climber friends, because after checking it out that week it slowly (maybe not-so-slowly) started replacing other activities, to my great satisfaction

Climbing Background / Favorite Discipline
I’m about 98% sport climber, but really enjoy bouldering when the stars align

What are your goals?
More climbing outside! My local crag is about 6 hours away, so to date I’ve done most of my climbing indoors. I’d love to get more experienced climbing outdoors so I feel more self-sufficient on trips. I’d also like to climb “harder, better, faster, stronger” so I’m not as limited in what I get on.

Biggest climbing influence / teacher?
Is it a cop out to generally say the Ann Arbor climbing community? There are so many kind, supportive, strong climbers at my gym who have made me feel welcome and helped push me to climb more and better. Going out for beers after doesn’t hurt either.

What do you like most about climbing?
I love the mind-body connection — I don’t think of myself as naturally strong or athletic, and it’s really empowering to figure out a sequence theoretically and then achieve that physically.  

What do you enjoy about MyClimb and how does MyClimb affect your climbing?
I use MyClimb to keep me honest re: how hard I may or may not have pushed myself. I appreciate the accountability!

Favorite place(s) to climb?
Having only been to the Red River Gorge it’s currently winning by default, but it’s an amazing area so I’m really not complaining

Favorite piece(s) of climbing gear (and why?)
I love my grigri (I think technically the grigri2) because it’s made me a much more confident and patient belayer. Potentially a more competent one too…I think my friends appreciate my using a grigri when they’re projecting

How has your approach to climbing changed since you started?
Pretty dramatically — when I first started climbing I was just looking for a good workout, and I’ve really been enjoying getting more competitive with myself about what I can achieve without getting too hung up on the calories burned