Age: 35
Country: U.S.A.

How long have you been climbing?
Gym Climbing Since Nov 2017, hopping around on the tumbled boulder’s at Devil’s lake, since I was 5, “Master of Ropes and Knots” (Technical Rescue) for 10+ years.

What are your Climbing goals?
To Have Fun! Hang out with friends, and make new friends! Continue to conquer my fear of heights, and build the skills and strength to top rope climb outside at Devil’s Lake.  Keep my friends safe on the ropes while they lead climb.

Most Memorable Climbing experience?
I keep gathering more and more!  My first fall lead climbing… my belayer got a flying lesson while I gave an epic shriek!  Also finishing the The Climb a Mile challenge.

What do you like most about MyClimb?
The community! As a beginner climber, the positive support and advice I get from other climbers around the world helps keep me going!

What do you enjoy Most about Climbing?
Not to be a broken record…. The Community, so far the people I’ve met, learned from and climbed with are so patient, encouraging and helpful.  I also like that is is good cross training for horseback riding.

How did you start Climbing?
My friend invited to climb with them for an evening, despite being nervous about heights, I was instantly hooked!

Advice for others new to the sport?
Practicing falling is just as important as practicing Climbing!  Being comfortable with possibility of the fall makes taking that next more challenging move easier and allows you to do it with more confidence knowing you can land correctly, or that your belayer will catch you.