Age: 31
Country: Czech Republic

What are your climbing goals?
Have fun – always! That’s my ultimate goal. I enjoy climbing so much and it’s fairly an important part of my life – I train hard, I love the whole process of improving, and I’ve got certain goals in terms of grade I want to reach and so. I am a fanatic. Yet it’s always been great fun to me, the most importantly.

Most memorable climbing experience?
Trad rad climbing at Czech sandstones around the Adrspach area – in general, some routes are very poorly protected and mentally quite challenging. It feels like soloing to me, the mind game is strong with those ones 🙂

I have a few particular routes I will remember as the scariest and the most adventurous climbs I have ever done. At the end of the day, it’s such strong experience you know you get back again.

What do you like most about MyClimb?
It is extremely intuitive and easy to use, I can keep my progress and give kudos to other climber there – it keeps the community together. I love it!

What do you enjoy most about climbing?
I love the climbing community and these awesome climbing trips around the gorgeous places I wouldn’t have visited otherwise. I consider climbing trips an essential part of climbing – you train hard and then you try your best to send your chosen route 🙂 The feeling when you make it is incredible!

How did you start climbing?
I was to choose a PA for one semester at my uni. I found I love it and carry on with it 🙂

Favorite Climbing Discipline?
One pitch rope climbing. The harder route with less attempts the better!