Age: 29 – Country: Thailand

Q: What are your climbing goals?
My climbing goal now is to feel more comfortable with 5.11+ lead climbing.

Q: Most memorable climbing experience?
I went to climb at Reimers, Austin TX, last month with friends and it was so much fun. We are going back there again next month!

Q: What do you like most about MyClimb?
Climbing is a sport that you compete with yourself (It’s also true that you need to trust the belayer too lol). You need to get over our fear of falling and believe you can send the route. It’s the combination using both your body and your mind. I kept talking to myself on the time when I fell on the rope. “I GOT THIS!”

Q: What do you enjoy most about climbing?
Now, lead climbing is my favorite. I promise myself to avoid top-roping, so I can focus to improve myself to get over the fear of falling on lead climbing.

Q: How did you start climbing?
I started in University of North Texas (UNT). UNT has a great wall for students. I went there by myself and I’m still climbing!

Q: Favorite Climbing Discipline?
A good climber need a combination of strong body (training) and mind set. Don’t give up. It’s nobody but yourself.

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