Age: 28 Country: Canada MyClimb Username? OliB

What are your climbing goals? For now, I don’t really have goals since I’m still enjoying so much climbing. Maybe I will set myself goals to motivate my climbing when I’ll get bored….but I don’t think it will happen.

Most memorable climbing experience? I guess it would be my first time leading outside, in Red Rock Canyon, in a sandstorm, stress level was pretty high…everything ended well, luckily!

What do you like most about MyClimb? I really like using the MyClimb App to keep track of my progress, It’s easy to use and gives you full of data about your previous climbs!

What do you enjoy most about climbing? Freedom!!! And the feeling of doing impossible things!

Favorite Climbing Discipline? For sure outside bouldering! I really like being outside and bouldering fits more my gymnastic background. I like the interaction with other climbers and how you can help each other with betas! It’s sad that the climbing season is so short in Quebec…

Favorite Place to climb or destination? So far, I would say Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. The bouldering experience was really nice, sandstone don’t kill your hands! Closer to where I live, Kamouraska really worth it for sport climbing. It’s perfect quartzite with big pockets and full of fun features. And the view on St-Laurent River is amazing!