Country: Utah, U.S.A.

MyClimb Username: Skat Bosley

Q: Most memorable climbing experience?

My first full alpine climb was in 2009 on the Northeast Face of Pingora, Cirque of the Towers.  About halfway up a heavy snowstorm hit, leaving my brother and I in a complete whiteout.  It quickly got dark and snow & ice quickly began to cache to the entire mountain.  Still, we pushed upwards in the blizzard, both determined to summit.  We got 50 ft from the top and hit a massive roof where we could go no further.  So we plugged in a bunch of cams and hung in midair for 2 hrs while the blizzard raged, hoping to wait it out.  My legs went numb from the harness cutting off the circulation, and even though I put wool socks over my hands, my fingers were completely numb.  Eventually we bailed around 2 am and spent 4 desperate hours rappelling down the cliff face in the storm, leaving minimal trad gear behind for anchors until we reached the bottom.  I’ve done many alpine trad climbs since then but that one taught me a lot about being prepared.

That was a rough year!  I had broken my ankle 5 months earlier after decking in a 50 ft sport climbing fall, fell 25 ft off a trad climb and split my head open right after the Pingora ordeal, and I’ve had search & rescue get me off some multi-pitch trad climbs that I’ve free soloed and gotten stuck hanging off a ledge.  Also a few concussions and I’ve taken several long whippers off overhanging routes and landed in trees. I think I’m accident prone!  Haha!

Q: What do you like most about MyClimb?

I really like the ease of use, so I can track my progress (or lack of progress) to see patterns of how I’m progressing, what I need to work on, spot trends, which sorta allows me to forecast where I’ve been and where I could possibly be in the next month, six months, or a year from now.  The app has been a big help because before I found it I would write down my progress in my journal.

Q: What do you enjoy most about climbing?

Therapeutic, the culture, being outdoors or at the gym, sending hard projects, pushing my limits, cheering fellow climbers on, the whole movement of climbing, the positive vibes and freedom, helps my stress & anxiety, the entire lifestyle.  It’s fun running a send train with friends on a boulder problem or just working a hard route with a climbing partner.  I boulder for strength and to hone my technique so I can use it on hard sport and trad climbs.  And I love the occasional free solo.  My passions are really bouldering and hard trad climbing.

Q: How did you start climbing?

I started climbing on July 4, 2007.  My friend at college (when I lived Lexington, KY) needed a climbing partner so we hit up Red River Gorge.  By the 2nd trip I was already leading, I became totally obsessed, and quickly lead from 5.8 to 5.10c those first few months.  That year I met Chris Sharma at Rocktoberfest 2007 (King Lines premiere), had him sign my arms, and got them tattooed in permanently.  So climbing, for me, has become a daily addiction for the past eight and a half years.  I even sold my bed years ago and have been sleeping on bouldering crash pads ever since!