Age: 21, U.S.A.

What are your climbing goals?
Meet lots of people and go cool places.

Most memorable climbing experience?
A friend and I led a climbing trip to Rumbling Bald for spring break and it was great for us to learn how to research climbs and plan routes. Even without a guide book we found great problems.

What do you like most about MyClimb?
I like that MyClimb allows me to see how much I have been climbing and to look at my progress. I also like being connected to other climbers and seeing what they are working on.

What do you enjoy most about climbing?
Creatively solving problems with others. I love that the sport is physical, mental, and social.

How did you start climbing?
I had been wanting to start for a few years because I had many friends that climb and it is a great way to spend time outside. The final push that got me started however was that this winter I was sick and unable to run for a few months. I am unhappy when I am not active and found that I could climb instead. I really liked it and now that I am  healthy I can’t wait to keep climbing.

Favorite Place to climb or destination?
Long Beach, New Zealand- cool blocky caves with lots of bouldering and sport routes.

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