Age: 27
Country: Lausanne, Switzerland
Years Climbing: 15

How did you start climbing?
I was put at a young age with my sister in the Swiss Alpin Club. It was really well organized and it let me discover many aspects of climbing, as rock climbing, ice climbing, alpinism,… I learned there pretty much everything I needed to know.

Tell us about your Climbing Background and Favorite Discipline?
I do all kind of climbing, from gym climbing for training, to long multi-pitches alpine climbs, sport-climbing, dry tooling, ice climbing, mixed climbing. I don’t have a specific discipline that I prefer, as long as I can share great times with friends and have fun.

What are your goals?
I have many different goals I would like to achieve. Some long alpine mixed-climbing such as routes in Grandes Jorasses north face, Eiger north face, … Also, I have in mind many rock-climbing multi-pitches including routes on Trango Tower, Fitz Roy, El Capitan, … And I’m training hard also to reach a new level in pure rock-climbing

What is your Biggest climbing influence / teacher?
I had once the opportunity to have Arnaud Petit as a personal climbing teacher for few days and I was quite impressed by him. Despite that he was one of the strongest climbers of his generation, the first ascents he did, the world class famous lines that he opened or repeated all around the world, he is still someone very modest and peaceful. I had a very good time climbing with him and he gave me plenty of good advices.

What do you like most about climbing?
There are many aspects that I love in climbing. It makes you travel in beautiful places and meet some incredible people. It allows you to reach impressive summits in outstanding environments. It makes you push yourself to your very own limit and surpass them. And it gives you that sort of peaceful happiness and satisfaction after a great successful climb.

What do you enjoy about MyClimb and how does MyClimb affect your climbing?
My climb is a fantastic tool to keep records of my climbs and being able to follow my progression in all the climbing discipline I like. It is fantastic for training as it allows me to track precisely the intensity of my workouts. And it is also fun to see what and where your friends are climbing.

What are your Favorite places to climb?
Chamonix France, Céüse France, Siurana Spain, Finale Italy, Kalymnos Greece, Gastlosen Switzerland, and so many other places..

What is your Favorite piece of climbing gear (and why?)
My cams as they allow me to climb pretty much everywhere my feet and hands can get me.

How has your approach to climbing changed since you started?
When I started as a kid, it was much like a recreational activity to do during the weekend. But soon it became much more than that and it changes to a real passion. Now, climbing is completely part of my life, and it became more like a lifestyle than a common sport for me

How do you think ice climbing helps your rock climbing and vice versa?
Ice climbing and mixed climbing gets you a really strong mind because you cannot always place good protections, and sometimes the fall is strictly forbidden. So when getting back to rock climbing, you feel much more confident, and you can keep concentrate on your climbing without stressing, even high above the bolts.
On the other hand, rock climbing requires sometimes a lot of strength and explosive power, which can be really useful to overcome difficult ice climbs, and even more mixed climbs. Also, rock climbing gives you really good feet technics which is primordial when you need to place your crampon on a really small edge on the rock..